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VIKI Humanoid contact

Together with the AdapTronics Group at University of Southern Denmark, Entertainment Robotics developed the humanoid robots VIKI based on modern artificial intelligence. The Viki humanoid robots won the RoboCup Humanoids Free Style World Championship in 2002! It was the first team of many humanoid robots based on modern artificial intelligence. In contrast to the top-down approach of equipping a humanoid robot with as many sensors, motors, power, etc. as possible, we developed a succesful bottom-up approach to the construction of humanoids. For the development of the bottom-up approach we utilise recent work in embodied artificial intelligence that puts emphasis on the correspondence and interrelatedness between material, electronic hardware, energy use, and control. By finding the right balance and relationship between these components of the system, it becomes possible to develop biped walking and other humanoid behaviours with much simpler hardware and control than is traditionally envisioned for humanoids. Indeed, the Viki humanoid robots were able to win the world championship though they include much less sensors, motors and energy use than their competitors. Therefore, it is an extremely economic humanoid platform that can be produced much cheaper than other humanoid robots on the market. For instance, it may be a very suitable approach for humanoid robots in the entertainment and toy market. The Entertainment Robotics company is welcoming any investor or industrial partner wishing to utilise this expertise.

Development team: H. H. Lund, L. Pagliarini, L. Paramonov, M. W. Jorgensen